Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sunrise, Hana, Maui

We assume that life is one bad event after another, and that the universe is out to get us. We assume this because of our expectations and assumptions.

The world is a glorious place and life is joyous. We can recognize this by appreciating the simple things. Do we really need an impressive job and car to be happy, or are we actually covering up the fact that we feel inadequate without those things?

Once we stop striving and desiring more, more, more, we can begin to receive pleasure from all that life gives to us. The simple act of breathing and being alive is worthy of celebration. Walking in nature, watching the clouds move across the sky, or looking at the simplicity in which an animal interacts with its environment is joyous. Watching a bird in flight can be exhilarating. If we are thinking too hard about what we have to do tomorrow or worried about how we can afford the things we desire, we will never appreciate such a simple and beautiful thing as a bird flying.

Let's enjoy the simple things in life.

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Lorelei Shellist said...

Ok but it's not fair you are in Hana Maui and its raining Memphis Halleluja...Lorelei