Friday, November 13, 2009


Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If we only held on to the thoughts about the positive things in our lives that would be one thing. However, we hold on to the most miserable and frivolous thoughts as well. We believe that if we gave them up, that we would be lost and would have no identity.

Only by surrendering our thoughts and beliefs will we find ourselves. We believe that any role that we play is better than not having one. We love being the victim and telling everyone about our illnesses or the injustices that were done to us. We love bragging about our accomplishments and possessions in order to cover up our feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.

If we find the courage to surrender all of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, we will find peace. We will not be lost if we give them up. We will be found.

Let's give up what we think we know and surrender to the divine unknown.

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