Saturday, August 15, 2009


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The opposite of love is not hate. We hate because we care so deeply.

The opposite of love is indifference.

During a golf outing a few years ago, the players in front of us were mocking some Chinese golfers ahead of them, making fun of the way they spoke. I was angry at their apparent racism and judged them to be rednecks. I later realized that I was being the same as they were. I judged them without knowing the circumstances. They may have been racists or they may have only been joking amongst themselves. I was the bigot.

How do we stop being angry and judgmental? We observe our emotions and thoughts without judgment until the anger subsides. Perceiving a situation without judgment or anger does not mean that we do not take action when action is appropriate. However, action taken out of anger will usually be met with anger and the situation will not be improved. It likely will be much worse. Action taken from a place of peace and love will be far more effective in transforming the situation to the benefit of everyone concerned.

Let's be.

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